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MS SharePoint Case Study in Los Angeles and Orange County

How To Best Build External Portal For Clients And Partners?

Cloudmark Hires Outside Specialists, ActivSupport, To Build SharePoint Portal

"We wanted to build an external portal, something Cloudmark pre-sales staff could self administer, but we didn't want to create it in-house," said Omar Serang, VP of Operations. "We wanted someone to build it for us, with our needs in mind, someone with SharePoint experience who could expand it quickly."

Fast-growing technology organizations similar to Cloudmark face tremendous pressure to streamline internal collaboration among business units and external collaboration with stakeholders. The ability to quickly locate and access documents, projects and best practices, as these organizations move from one business plateau to the next, enables sales and increases productivity.

Serang called ActivSupport, a leading information technology consulting services firm headquartered in San Bruno, Calif. Serang's assumption that Cloudmark's challenges could be best addressed with a solution built upon Microsoft SharePoint was quickly confirmed through an ActivSupport senior consultant assessment. After a couple of interviewing sessions, ActivSupport's technical sales team delivered a proposal outlining major functionalities an ideal platform would deliver.

"We searched on the Web and we liked what we saw," said Serang, referring to Cloudmark's reason for hiring ActivSupport. "After sitting down with them, ActivSupport seemed more than experienced with the technology and the administration. After we validated their gold partner status, that was it. We would have no problem recommending them."

ActivSupport's senior SharePoint consultants delivered a solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The key functions of the portal established for Cloudmark include: a document repository, space for announcements and calendaring, blogs and Wikis, search capabilities and secure access.

The MOSS 2007 solution developed by ActivSupport is now integrated into Cloudmark’s operations.

"We knew what we wanted to build, and ActivSupport did a great job in realizing what we needed," added Serang. "The key benefit is not having to bring technicians in-house. We didn't want to learn it. We wanted something that, once in place, we could administer."

Cloudmark employs networked collective intelligence, a combination of intelligent message fingerprinting, corroborated global feedback and automated data analysis to deliver unmatched accuracy and the fastest response to new threats. System-wide checks and balances virtually eliminate false positives and maintain the integrity of the network.

This intelligent approach to fighting spam, phishing, viruses and other malware has made Cloudmark the fastest growing messaging anti-abuse solution on carrier MTAs worldwide. Cloudmark currently protects over 180 million mailboxes in 163 countries.

ActivSupport's Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 consultants provide planning, deployment, training, and support services for customers in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, New York and across the nation. Call ActivSupport at 1-877.228.4863 or use the online contact form for more information.

Benefits: Cloudmark's pre-sales staff can self-administer an externally-facing portal to service the needs of its partners and clients, without having to deal with the daunting task of creating the technically challenging portal in-house.

When San Francisco-based Cloudmark — providers of anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-phishing solutions for Internet Services Providers — confronted the need to build an externally-facing portal to service the needs of its partners and clients, the company knew that outside specialists were needed to swiftly deliver an operational solution. Digg Furl Google Windows Live Yahoo MyWeb Newsvine Reddit Slashdot StumbleUpon Technorati