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Email Continuity and Security in Los Angeles and Orange County

Ubiquitous and continuous access to email is increasingly important to nowadays business environment. However, few small and mid-sized organizations can afford truly redundant email architecture that ensures business continuity in the event of an email server disaster, or Internet connectivity outage; Lost productivity, reputation damage, opportunity cost rapidly compound proportionally to the organization headcount and reliance on timely email communication.

Cryotech, a recognized expert specializing in cryogenic equipment rely on email to communicate across the globe with its field sales operations and provide customer engineering support. Last May, multiple ISP experienced some technical difficulties in the Bay Area, and has a result Cryotech’ T1 line was down for a day. As a direct consequence of this outage, Cryotech email server was inaccessible to suppliers, as well Cryotech's Los Angeles office staff, and their customers. “In such scenario, our clients’ emails servers will usually start spitting out delay and error messages, which would prompt senders to jam our operator’s phone lines.” Says Bronwyn, operations manager at Cryotech.
Fortunately, Cryotech had subscribed to ActivSupport email business continuity services, coupling SPAM and Virus filtering, along with web based access to individual mailbox in the event of such outage.
As a result, Cryotech users were communicated access information to a simple web interface, and were able to not only access a 30 to 90 days history of their email, but also send and receive emails as all systems were up and running. “None of our client realized we were cut off, and more importantly we did not have to wait for our T1 to be repaired in order to access our emails. Thus, it’s always a good feeling to know that a copy of critical emails live somewhere else than on our email server or and hypothetical backup tape.” Says Gary Sandercock, President of Cryotech.

ActivSupport email business continuity services are very cost-effective, usually less than $2/month/user on top of SPAM/virus filtering fees, and there is no minimum number of users required to use the service. Digg Furl Google Windows Live Yahoo MyWeb Newsvine Reddit Slashdot StumbleUpon Technorati