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Computer Network Security Consultants in Los Angeles and Orange County

ActivSupport Southern California computer network security consultants team covers Los Angeles, Orange County, Pasadena, Glendora, Lake Forest, Palm Spring, Redondo Beach and beyond. 

ActivSupport computer network security services are geared towards organizations looking to either resolve a one time security breach in the mist of an emergency situation or foster a long-term network security culture through planning and careful security measures deployment. 

Indeed, it is not unusual that the former situation call organization executives’ attention to the need of tackling the latter, ActivSupport security experts are therefore very keen on educating our corporate customers about computer network security strategies.  Most of today’s networks have dedicated Internet access via their ISPs. This schema brings a lot of advantages regarding global visibility, ease of information exchange, etc. However, a typical setup using a routing device such as a router, an anti-spam appliance and a security device such as a firewall might not be enough to guarantee 100% protection against malicious users.

Having a security vision in mind, it is easy to realize how poor configuration can lead to important security breaches. Since vulnerabilities are discovered everyday on systems spread out around the globe1, it is even more important to have security policies implemented that allows the network administrator to know why, how and when to update a network infrastructure with the latest patches. Of course, even with correction patches installed, it does not assure that all security aspects of a network have been covered. This is why ActivSupport’s expertise has helped customers secure their network infrastructures beyond basic and well-known solutions.

Call ActivSupport for a free network security assessment. A team of qualified security consultants will provide answers to all the questions you have concerning security, no matter the level—from anti-virus issues to firewall and IDS issues, ActivSupport can help. 

ActivSupport delivers consulting and outsourcing services across Microsoft, Linux, and Cisco networks to small businesses and enterprises alike all over the U.S. For a free consultation, call ActivSupport at 1-877-ACTIVNET (1-877-228-4863) or use our online contact form. Digg Furl Google Windows Live Yahoo MyWeb Newsvine Reddit Slashdot StumbleUpon Technorati